Mark Waldman Joins Barnet & Freeman: Creativity and the Brain

Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity and the Brave New World.

Mark Robert Waldman, best selling co-author of “How God Changes the Brain”, joins filmmaker Barnet Bain and author/life coach Freeman Michaels on Cutting Edge Consciousness to discuss creativity and the brain.

There is a HUGE piece in this video — the funnel is how we order and organize information to fit our programmed perceptions — we are all equipped to be fully actualized — brain scans show that we have a “consciousness” at our disposal at all times. Our consciousness (our potential) shows up in a “resting state” — when we are NOT caught up in the incessant thinking that dominates the bulk of our waking experience. Barnet and Freeman talk about this consciousness as “Ultra Creativity”, where all manner of possibility is available to us. Holding paradox — holding many different (possibly opposing) perceptions at the same time taps us into a potential — an alternative creative perception. In the past, people who were tapped into this level of perception were deemed “crazy” (or they were considered geniuses). We predict the dawning of a creative age — where more people are tapped into this level of consciousness (and they are not considered crazy).


Listen to the Full Episode Podcast

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