Conversation with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara: So we’re a very lucky generation to be born at exactly the right stage of the crisis on planet earth – if we have the education and the attraction –

Barnet: And the tools. There are some tools that we need –

Barbara: – And the tools. Then we’re going to be able to do this. And I would like to conclude this part with a few of the practices in Regenopause that I’ve used, and then you give a few that you’ve used quickly, so we can have the next 45 minutes for discussion.

Barnet: That’ll be fine.

Barbara: So, the Regenopause, giving birth to this authentic feminine self, changing the life cycle. Now, here are some practices that I have used.
I’m at a crossover point when I really have entered what I call, “the phase of self-evolution.” And the self that I’m working with is a hierarchy of energies from – I would say, my own essential self, like the higher voice – and it goes on up to a higher frequency. Like a light body frequency. And then it can go up to a Christ frequency. And I’ve been guided to place my attention on all of those and bring them down in, in that evolutionary chakra meditation.  So, you bring the core of the spiral all the way on up through your vocation, through your creativity, your voice, your third eye, up to your highest frequencies and masters that you love, back down in.

And the goal here is to become a whole being, to integrate all aspects. And every now and then, I am integrated. [Laughs] Not for long! I don’t think it lasts for anybody. But when I’m integrated, because this is my work, I can feel it through the biofeedback signals. And the kinds of messages I’ve been getting from all of you on these blogs is, “I’m on fire.” “I’m ignited.” [Laughs] “I am joyful.” “I’m in the bathtub doing the coordination with my own self.” I mean, the most vocationally aroused types of things.

And so what I realize is happening here is that we are in a process of higher self evolution. And we’re humble in a fact that the integration of all of that doesn’t last. And it’s so easy to disintegrate, to lose it and to reintegrate. And what we’ve learned is that in order to stabilize it, the more we can be on the personal level with this, and then in the resonant field with two or more – I just don’t think we can do this without it. So if you find a small core group, it’s essential, we’ve been through this, and many of you are blogging with each other. Or if you find a co-creative partner that you love to explore with and juices up the energy, and you recognize, re-cognize each other, go with the attraction.

Barnet: And celebrate it.

Barbara: Celebrate it! Enjoy it, because it’s God’s work. [Laughs] It’s the way it’s working. It’s just the opposite of – let’s say, the early Christians in certain of the monastic traditions is, “Don’t enjoy. Be abstemious of all of almost everything: food, sex, relationship.” Now, I’m not saying that didn’t have certain benefit – but we’re actually going the other way. [Laughs]

Barnet: We are. [Barbara laughs] We’re going the other way so much so that it bears repeating that our idea – our very notion of causality, of cause and effect in the chrysalis, is up for grabs. We have taken for granted for, lo these very many years, that the present is the result of the past. And that is not the nature of life in the chrysalis.
The present being the results of the past is classic Newtonian physics: cause and effect. We have now Quantum Causation. So, the future creating the present, that there is no such thing as an objective reality. Nothing precipitates into the physical space until it is observed. That’s the second causality.
Then we have an old-time upward causality. Cartesian: “I think, therefore I am” – which we now know that this kind of conversation is precisely backwards.

Barbara: [Laughs]

Barnet: “I am, therefore I think” amongst many other things.

Barbara: Yes.

Barnet: So that’s an upward causation. And we also have a downward causation. We hear this kind of going on all the time about, “We’re spiritual creatures having human existences.” Then, ipso facto, the causation is from the spiritual downward into the physical. So we know there are – I believe at least four – paradigms of cause and effect that are working.

And it is very, very important to be mindful of that, because it creates freedom. It loosens up these fossilized structures in us. It creates freedom. We are operating out of these kneejerk, habituated responses that simply, simply are out of habit, conforming to the present as the result of the past.

Barbara: I’ll tell you. The people on this call are actually not doing that now.

Barnet: God bless them.

Barbara: Because – you know why? It’s attracted people who have been through enough of this.
And I want to add here, among the practices with the self-evolution and what Barnet is saying. The new level of causality – I have something which I call “The Four S’s.”  The first “S” that we’ve been to is “Syntony.” It’s picking up the pattern of your own deeper self and then resonating with it, so whatever you do is coming out of aSyntony and it’s a harmonic.

The second “S” is “Synergy.” Where when you’re joined together, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and you get more and more energy by doing it.
Then comes “Synchronicity.” I love that one. The synchronicity, I think, is an early description of the fact there is a deep design of creation. It’s like to say, if you’re in the womb and you’re building a stomach and something else is building a heart and something else is building a lung – and they say, “Oh how surprising to find you here!” It’s not that surprising, because the universe has been coordinating itself for billions of years into this extremely beautiful order – and we are entering the phase of conscious evolution. It looks like there’s no pattern. But actually, my intuition is, this is the pattern. The more you can say yes to it, then trusting to follow your attraction, the synchronicities will increase until eventually there seems to be very little randomness.

Barnet: The natural order of things is miraculous, beyond logic.

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