Tao of Hollywood – All the World is a Stage

You might have noticed a lot more stress in the world, and maybe also a few more challenges for each of us to handle personally. By now you know there is a shift happening. We are at a crossroads moving from one ‘operating system’ of reality to another more expansive one.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…life is but a dream.

Imagine that you’re experiencing a night dream. You are walking on the sidewalk of a busy street after a heavy rain. Suddenly a bus comes along. The bus slams into a pothole sending a cold sheet of mud and water flying your way. How are you feeling? You are drenched to the bone, filthy and cold. Maybe you were rushing to an appointment. You might even believe the blankety-blank bus driver soaked you on purpose. That’s when the alarm goes off and you wake up in your bed.

From this awakened perspective you say with relief that it was just a dream. But let’s look a little further. What do we know now?

YOU were the dreamer who dreamed the story. YOU were the unfortunate character who got soaked. YOU dreamed the bus driver. The streets are YOU. The bus is YOU. The pot hole and puddle, all YOU, as well.

You were the director of the dream. You wrote the script and played all the parts. You chose to stage the story one way, and not another.

From the limited perspective of the walker who got soaked, life is one thing. From the more expanded perspective of the awakened dreamer it is something else. We create it all.

The most important key to reducing the stress begins with accepting that we each write the script of our lives completely. We always have.

To explore this idea a little deeper, WRITE OUT two or three areas of success, or joy in your life worthy of celebration. For example, maybe you have created a beautiful and intimate relationship with a soul-mate, or achieved a promotion at work or won a Golden Globe!

Next ask yourself “What would someone have to believe or feel about herself in order to dream this success?”

Then write down two or three areas of failure or disappointment, and ask yourself the same question.

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