Make It Personal

The collective is made up of individuals. When individuals begin to take 100% responsibility for their world, and begin to claim their personal authority, and begin to choose the world that they want to live in, the collective will change.

Too often we, individuals, abdicate authority to others. We look to organizations or governments to fix imbalances. The powerful shift that we believe is taking place all around the globe RIGHT NOW is driven by the individual claiming their experience. THEN (and only then) coming together and joining others in a new spirit of cooperation to change the planet that each of us lives on.

We support Earth Hour as a personalized movement of people coming together to do something (at the level of the individual) to make a profound statement. We encourage all of you reading this to make this hour meaningful in each of your individual lives. Gather with loved ones, get you kids involved, tell your neighbors. This is only one hour, but it could signify the most profound popular statement ever made. It starts with you – MAKE IT PERSONAL.

Please join Cutting Edge Consciousness in support of Earth Hour. For one hour, on March 26th from 8:30-9:30pm, turn off your lights to demonstrate the power we hold to direct our world towards environmental consciousness. For more information please visit

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