Bettie Spruill: Become the Kind of Observer that Can Observe Yourself Observing

As a conscious interpreter you are responsible for creating your life – as you observe you are shaping that which is seemingly coming at you. You are generating your own narrative – your own story – based on how you interpret reality. There are patterns to your interpretations, reactions, behaviors, etc. that seemingly repeat again and again – you call this “reality”. Risk FULL responsibility – fully embracing the risk in claiming your power as the generator of your experience, which allows you to innovate and respond differently to what shows up in your experience.

Bettie teaches a highly effective and dynamic course called “Living in Mastery”. To find out more about Bettie’s work please visit: Or call Maggie at (323) 434-3429 to find out more about Bettie’s May, 2012, program in Los Angeles, California.

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